Ninner (smithy91288) wrote in sfwga_circut,

ok... thought the point of this community was to make friends. there are 4 of u i don't kno, so if u don't answer to the names kassie, kelly, anthony, or some combination of the 3, IM ME SOMETIME!!!

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    ok...we are coming up to a new season. i heard this is the biggest number SFWGA has had in..well, forever. which is AWESOME! my name is Heather and…

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    Hey guys! My name's Kimi. I'm in the guard at Charlotte High. I'm one of the captains, (actually lieutenant? but w/e) and I spin both weapons and…

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    hey everybody my names stephanie im a sophmore at tarvella (navras,pirates of the carribean)and ive been in guard for 4 years, i'm on the weapon line…

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