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hello all

ok...we are coming up to a new season. i heard this is the biggest number SFWGA has had in..well, forever. which is AWESOME!

my name is Heather and im on western's guard. we did "No Leaf Clover" last year. (really colorful floor...ha) im a junior.

im so excited about this year. premier is too far away.

how is everyone's show going?

see ya on the 21st!

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Hey guys!

My name's Kimi.
I'm in the guard at Charlotte High.
I'm one of the captains, (actually lieutenant? but w/e) and I spin both weapons and flag.
I'll be a junior next year, & it will be my 3rd guard year?

anyway.. I didn't know they had a community just for our circuit! sweet.
feel free to comment in my journal anytime, (misskimi) because i'd like to get to know you all.

kthx. ♥
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hey everybody my names stephanie im a sophmore at tarvella (navras,pirates of the carribean)and ive been in guard for 4 years, i'm on the weapon line so thats fun....if anyone wants to talk just im me im nice i swear! lol umm thats all i have to say for now lol bye xoxo
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ok... thought the point of this community was to make friends. there are 4 of u i don't kno, so if u don't answer to the names kassie, kelly, anthony, or some combination of the 3, IM ME SOMETIME!!!
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ok. i love you all because u are in sfwa but really the lay out of this journal really sucks. can we please do something about. if u need help just ask. i hate to see poor communities look so yuck. especially a winterguard community.
`manager: i can help you just let me know if u want my help. ;]
later days. xo.
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